How to build a formal outfit for a workday

From Suit to skinny jeans, Professional men's fashion has changed enormously over the years, although most office jobs continue to maintain etiquette standards, companies like Google have set a precedent for the free dress that many other businesses have followed, so it is It's common that modern jobs allow you some “dress freedom”, and being the only person in a suit in an office full of people in casual clothes can be an awkward time.


The clothes we wear are more important to our work-life than it is believed. In the animal world, a wolf can tell if another wolf is a threat just by looking at his body posture, is his hair standing on end? It is surely an enemy, the human being not only possesses this ability, but it is also one of the most developed, we perceive even the smallest detail in the expression of another person, in their body posture and of course, in their clothing, but a coffee stain on your shirt can also convey the message that you are an irresponsible or careless person, now suppose that your entire outfit conveys this message, then we have a problem.


To make sure that your outfit is the right one for your workday, it must meet the following characteristics, which in Porto Blanco we call the 4 pillars of the professional outfit:

  •  Adaptability: The ability of your outfit to fit correctly in different situations required by your work, for example, if a person sells yachts he must be prepared to go to the coast in the summer or have corporate meetings.
  •  Comfort: Jobs are characterized by staying away from your home for several hours a day, a good professional outfit should allow you to survive all those hours without feeling like you want to tear your clothes off, or else it will even affect your performance.
  • Professionalism: Your clothing must meet the professional standards of your work, if you are a programmer who spends his working day in an office far from the reception, the standard may be low, but if your job consists of selling and especially if it consists In selling high-value items, you must look professional, confident, and trustworthy, or else no one will buy anything from you.
  • Style: The most important pillar of a good professional outfit, your clothes can have all the above characteristics, but if it is not visually attractive, you will generate discontent wherever you go.

So! How do I build a professional outfit?

It will always depend on what your job demands of you.

Casual job: A polo shirt or solid color shirt, with dark-colored pants, and neutral-colored sneakers It will make you dressed for the occasion.

Formal job: It is a job that demands dress standards, shirts are the norm with an optional jacket on top, always a single color shirt, with pants, belt or suspenders, the tie is optional and shoes preferably oxford model or moccasins.

 Tips to build your wardrobe: 


  • Avoid flashy or bright colors, always choose neutral or low saturated colors, prioritizing blue, gray, white, and black as they convey confidence, and avoiding orange, yellow, and green as they convey childishness and irresponsibility.
  • Never wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable just because it looks good, as well as avoid wearing pieces of clothing that are worn out or that don't fit into your work environment just because they are comfortable.
  • The weather is important, a shirt can be suffocating on hot days, just as a t-shirt can be a disadvantage during winter.

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