The 7 Commandments of Men's Casual Dress

The line between casual and carefree is extremely thin, your plan to make a good impression at that social event that you have been waiting for months, can be hampered by a bad wardrobe decision, so Porto Blanco brings you the 7 guidelines you must follow to look attractive and relaxed without sacrificing comfort and elegance.



1st Commandment | Goodbye to printed t-shirts

It may sound exaggerated, but after a certain age, patterned shirts stop looking good on a man, if you go to the movies or a fast-food restaurant, it is fine to wear your Avengers shirt, but to attend dinner In a ambiented restaurant, please leave it hanging in your closet, and put on a white polo shirt or a unicolor t-shirt.


2nd Commandment | The pants to your measure

Jeans can be a gift manufactured by the gods to make life more comfortable and our outfits attractive, but no matter how good they are, if you try to use ones that are not your size, they will ruin your outfit.

3rd Commandment | Garments are not eternal

We know that we can easily become fond of clothes, that shirt that accompanies us during good times, with which we share memories of success and happiness, we will always keep a lot of affection, but clothes have a period of life, and your lucky shirt From 5 years ago, worn and with mustard stains, it is not a good outfit decision.


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4th Commandment | Leather is your friend

Leather garments are excellent to build an outfit, of course, you will not wear them entirely, just those small details that make you look elegant without abandoning the casual, such as a black leather belt, the strap of your watch, your shoes, or even your wallet, in the casual dress the details count.

5th Commandment | Decorate

Do not be afraid to wear extra things whenever they go with the wardrobe, a watch can make a big difference, do not be afraid to experiment with hats, scarves, or with a belt, complement your outfit with small details.

6th Commandment | what you wear on your feet is as important as your shirt

Taking 10 minutes to choose a shirt that goes well with your pants and then go and put on your usual worn sneakers, is a waste, what you wear on your feet matters as much as the rest.

7th Commandment | Be consistent

To dress casually correctly you must be consistent with yourself, do not try to be someone else or wear clothes that you do not like, stay true to yourself and over time you will find your style that will make you always be dressed for the occasion.

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