5 Menswear Tips Every Man Should Know

Men generally have fewer garment options to choose from, which can generate complications to dress with variety, however, the advantage is that they have a lot of adaptability, as an example a shirt can fit all kinds of occasions.

so you can generate a correct combination of clothes we tell you 5 tips that every man should have in mind if he wants to dress properly.

outfit casual


Tip number 1

Consider the colors, although correctly used colorful clothes are indeed a success in casual clothing, misuse of them can be a disaster, if you go to your first date dressing like a lollipop, I do not think you will receive a text message  the next day, if you have a hard time choosing, or you have a limited wardrobe, the combination of black, gray and white never fails, if you still want to add some color to your appearance, you can use a colorful piece, and the rest of Your outfit should have neutral colors, for example, an orange t-shirt with black pants and shoes, but if your thing is to combine colors, use the concept of complementary colors, and thus generate visual harmony.

Tip number 2

Do not combine prints, if you are one of those who loves Hawaiian shirts or camouflage pants, I give you the good news that you can use them with peace of mind, but never combine them, overloading your outfit with shapes and colors can be useful to hide in the jungle without being detected, but for your children's parent-teacher meeting it is a bad idea, always combine prints with solid colors.

Tip number 3

Blue jeans are the answer, you have doubts about what to use but you don't have time to choose, some traditional blue jeans combine with everything, shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, it doesn't matter, just choose any one and put on some blue jeans and that's it! It occurs to you to put on formal clothes and simply add some blue jeans, you can attract a lot of negative attention if you wear that in your best friend's wedding rehearsal.

 Tip number 4

The formal and the informal do not combine, a shirt can be a perfect garment, especially if it is a Porto Blanco, but you should not take its use lightly, many things can ruin your outfit when you wear shirts, for example, Wearing long-sleeved shirts with shorts, you must understand that you cannot achieve a “formal but relaxed” look simply by combining formal and casual clothes, so don't ever wear sneakers if you plan on wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

Tip number 5

Avoid mixing saturated colors, the acid and strong flavor of the lemon on a pie  is pleasant because it combines perfectly with the softness of the cream and the neutrality of the cookie, if everything on a pie were made with citrus flavors the lemon would be lost  and the result It would not be the same, using a bright yellow t-shirt can be a success, but do not combine it with bright green shoes if your shirt is saturated red, use pants with desaturated and neutral shoes for example, your color garment will stand out above the others.





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