Our Story


Porto Blanco creates the most unique shirts for your day to day.

Our style was created by visionaries. Our mission is to create the most exclusive and distinctive shirts in the world: Conversation Pieces.
In 2012 in Guadalajara Mexico, two brothers; Giancarlo and Diego Montaño, made it their mission to create the most incredible, vibrant, colorful and unique shirts in the world.

Tired of seeing boring and low quality shirts with designer labels, the Montaño brothers decided to break the mold and create something really special. They obtained high quality fabrics with unique designs from local Mexican designers. After meticulous craftsmanship, the first batch of shirts was made, and they were fabulous. The design and quality were incredible, comfortable and versatile. But something was still missing.


Then, one day, Giancarlo was working at his desk when he glanced at the small soldier's desk ornament that was once given to him. The soldier's jacket was elegant and unique. He picked it up, looked closer and saw that the soldier's jacket had beautiful rustic wooden buttons to close it. The buttons were tasteful and had a sophisticated engraving. He went home and recreated one of the buttons. He sewed it on the neck of a prototype shirt. It looked and fit perfectly. And that's how the wooden button of the firm Porto Blanco came about. The brothers had managed to create the most spectacular shirts in the world ... wearable works of art.